Start June 22
Doral Park Country Club

The following guidance must be observed when using the facilities for this opening phase of our:
 Phase I will commence on June 15th, and will allow our residents to use our Gym and
Racquetball area.
Phase I – Protocols
 Only residents will be allowed to access our facilities (no guests will be allowed in any
circumstance). This will allow the community to mitigate the infection risk.
Reservations are required, please make your reservations by accessing the following page:
 A detailed entry and exit log will be kept with contact information and time stamped. This
record is mandatory and will allow the community to backtrack contacts if an infection is
 The use of the membership ID cards is mandatory for anyone.
 Temperature screening is mandatory for any resident accessing our facilities and no one will
be allowed to enter with a temperature greater than 100.1º F (normal temperature range
98.6-100º F).
 The use of a mask covering mouth and nose is mandatory to access and move around our
 Entry will be limited to a reduced capacity.
 No towel service – members must bring their own towel or entry will be denied.
 Members must disinfect equipment before and after use.
 Water fountains usage is prohibited. Members must bring their own bottle of water.
 Hand washing before and after workout is required.